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Imposter syndrome, courage and the leadership journey

Never underestimate the courage required to take an entrepreneurial path or to step into a leadership role in your chosen career.

When we’re at the helm, it’s on us. Yes, we get to steer the ship, flex our creative muscles and take control, but this puts us in a vulnerable position. 

“What if I fail?

What if I don’t have what it takes? 

What if my ideas are no good?

What if my instincts are off?

What if I stuff it up?”

And then, when we do land some success…

“How did I get here?

Am I worthy of this role?

What if they realise I have no idea what I’m doing?”

Almost every client I’ve worked with over the years whether they are an executive, not for profit leader, social entrepreneur or business owner has experienced some level of imposter syndrome – having to dismantle entire belief frameworks simply to function in their role.

Stepping up is challenging – Are some of us just not up to the challenge? No – When we land on that which lights us up and find the motivation and reason to forge our own path, no matter the degree of limiting self talk, anyone with a burning desire and the right support can chart their own course. It may be the most intensely challenging yet rewarding thing they ever do.

It does take courage, but when approached with an evolutionary mindset – the willingness to self reflect and challenge your limiting viewpoints – we leap over the pitfalls and smash through the glass ceilings and we remember that our evolution is integrally intertwined with the expression of our purpose. Bring it on!