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Florescence – What’s in the name?

The moment you choose a name for your brand, it ignites a new life force of its own. It comes into being and starts to shape and inform its own evolution. 

Our partner Becky from @mayk_studio developed Florescence as the name for our Agency. Considering that I’ve created Florescence to actively support the change makers of the world to thrive as whole humans and maximise their impact, the name Florescence is fit for purpose.

Def. Florescence

the process of developing richly and fully – blooming

The dominant thread in the tapestry of my work and life has been about understanding how to truly support people and organisations to be ‘inflorescence’. 

As a novice gardener and devotee of mother nature, the name Florescence fuels my kaupapa through the myriad of powerful lessons she teaches us. To help You and your project be inflorescence, I need to truly understand your uniqueness. From our very first interaction with you and your venture, we are working to reveal and fertilise the essential nature of your seeded blueprint…the unique intelligence, wisdom and potential wanting to be realised. Just like every flower in bloom, it holds a story…a story of coming into flower as it encounters all of the right conditions. We are here to facilitate the conditions for your seeded intelligence to be in bloom as is intended. That’s the Florescence Way. It’s both magical and logical, both intuitive and sequential…It always starts with a seeded intention and involves fertiliser, shelter, transformation, growth, beauty and celebration and most importantly light. That’s what it is to experience the Florescence way.