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Midlife Crisis, Menopause, Business & Changing The World

It’s time to change the societal lens on these transitional periods in our lives from something of concern and struggle to a welcomed time of magnificent potentiality and unfoldment into the new.

There can be any number of triggers and factors – hormonal changes, market changes, a sudden loss, health challenges or simply a fundamental shift in priorities and interests…accompanied with the contemplation of the existential questions and a need to find new meaning and direction.

When we approach it with curiosity and love and welcome the shifts that are occurring, we can deliberately unpack the story of our past and tune into what is unfolding. To contemplate which threads we want to cut and which threads we want to weave into the story that we’re creating forward. We have lived, we have loved, we have lost and we have gained. It’s an opportunity to look back and to look forward, to tune in to what is emerging now.

Welcome the transition by tuning IN to the reservoir of innate wisdom you hold. The answers are within, not without. Only then can you identify and dissolve the old stories and limiting beliefs that you’ve picked up along the way that no longer serve you.

The world is asking us to do things differently, to dramatically reprioritorise, to choose to live and love and work differently. As integrative coaches and strategists, we are blessed to help our clients navigate these changes, reinventing their businesses and lives from the inside out into something more whole and more beautiful – something with more meaning that enriches humanity.

Journal Questions 

– What no longer serves me?

– What is emerging?

– Where is the greatest potential for my contribution to a better world?