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A memo to those of us hiding. Its Time!

The world needs us all to step up

She needs us to stand in our truth of who we are and what we are here to contribute; 

To drop comparisons 

To love through fear

To stand in the conviction of our souls knowing of the role we have to play

The world is changing and we are the reshapers;

The change agents who see the new and are rewriting the narrative

Actively reweaving a new world

A world where things flow and people and planet flourish because we understand the new order and are building the new ways

So I call forth you the change makers to believe in your vision and to find the courage to take action and share you and your gifts with the world

The world needs you – It’s time!

Being human is the beauty of it all, to feel fear and pain and doubt.

It’s the action of opening to move beyond our limitations and grow our light to do better, be better in service to those we love and in service to all that we come in contact with.

If we all make this commitment together we meet each other in this commitment and a global transformation takes shape. We elevate humanity together, through our own willingness to be vulnerable and real in our humanness.

Seek those that can help you evolve, surround yourself with those that know the way through and are here to help you.

It’s time!