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Let’s Make Beautiful Business Baby!

In general society has a complicated relationship with beauty – yet beauty holds a power that may just be the secret ingredient to increase the impact of your brand.

Have you contemplated your own relationship and beliefs about beauty? 

What power does it hold and how do you wield it for good?

Accessing Innate Beauty – The power source of beauty can be accessed via an authentic connected relationship with the self or the entity you are seeking the beauty within. 

Beauty is multidimensional; both an energetic and visual experience that invokes something. This is as true of a beautiful space, person, garden or artwork as it is the beauty of your brand experience. Beauty takes on many forms. It’s not just great design or form, but anything that moves you. Understanding inherent beauty, harnessing and expressing it into the physical world raises the resonance, attractiveness and therefore power of that creation – design, person, brand.

Contemplate the word beauty. What does it mean to you? 

What is your personal experience of superficial beauty as compared with authentic beauty? 

There is beauty in purpose. There is beauty in people.  Illuminating innate beauty is fundamental to our role at Florescence. Our partners have been carefully curated because they resonate with this understanding and are skilled in the art of helping to translate your brand’s inherent beauty to express it through everything you do. This is how our clients build great brands and create customer experiences that change lives for good.

Our client and dear friend Charissa Snijders from CSA Architect understands beauty intimately. It’s a fundamental element of her work and thus features strongly in her Commercial Blueprint created working with Florescence. The CSA Immersion practice ensures that the resonance of the spaces Charissa designs shift and heal. We call it Reverence Architecture – where the beauty is found in the people and the land of each project and translated into high resonance design. A very different approach to mainstream architecture where beauty can at times be superficial, resulting in designs that may be OK on the eye, but are devoid of the kind of beauty that moves you. 

So look out for superficial beauty, brands, spaces and people that are concerned with ‘looking good’ and being on trend – covering up flaws. Spot the brand, people and spaces that resonate beauty in such a way that you know the beauty you experience is an authentic expression of their unique purpose and power.