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Seeing your career as a spiritual practice

If you’re like me, sitting in a cave on a mountain seeking enlightenment is not what this lifetime has installed for you.

Our lives are here, in our western routines fulfilling our roles through our mahi (work) and daily lives.

Let’s contemplate the Buddhist concept of ‘enlightenment’ – a state of perfect wisdom, combined with infinite compassion’. 

What would the pursuit of enlightenment (wisdom and compassion) mean for you and your work on a day to day basis? How would a little more sustained wisdom and compassion translate to your experience of life and the success and impact of your brand?

A foundational belief underpinning Florescence work is that we are here to ‘evolve’ towards more constant states of wisdom and compassion, to be more light filled (enlightened). A good chunk of your life is spent working and businesses (what we do and how we do it) play a massive role in how humanity interacts with one another and our planet. So how can you become more ‘enlightened’ through your work and in turn bring more light to the world? 

This requires a deep commitment to your own evolution, the willingness to reflect on your own behaviour and the impact you and your organisation has on others.

If this is a journey you wish to embark on, come and talk to us – we are here to shine a new light on business – to create the enlightened leaders and organisations that are taking us into the future.

It starts with you. It’s time!