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What is the future of New Zealand’s Health System?

Is it dying on our watch?

We have an ageing population, health inequity for Māori, a burnt out workforce and an under-resourced bureaucratic system facing a restructure. 

It feels like there are more questions than answers…but there is an uprising of inspiring people and innovative organisations taking their place in driving change at the grass roots. 

There needs to be a transformative shift in how we approach healthcare. It’s time to start questioning our fixed viewpoints and examine the very DNA that is perpetuating a health system that is sick itself.

Let’s put prevention before cure, deepen our understanding of the cultures we serve, nurture the wellbeing of our healthcare workers and cultivate an enlightened understanding of what ‘well’ truly means.

Whether you’re working in the health system or alongside it like me, it’s time to find our place in driving the narrative for change and shifting the existing landscape. 

I have the privilege of working with the following initiatives that challenge the status quo and advocate for positive change in how we approach health:

Cultural Wellbeing Retreats 

Translatable cultural education for the medical community in an experiential wellness space

Leadership Development For Clinicians

Supporting doctors to increase their leadership capacity to effect positive change

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Group 

Embedding POCUS as a core skill, widely used and integrated into emergency medicine.