The Florescence Story 

Florescence is a consultancy and coaching agency based in New Zealand – a trusted partner providing impactful strategies, transformative coaching and creative collaboration to elevate the impact of your mission.

Def. Florescence
The process of developing richly and fully – blooming

The name Florescence embodies our purpose: to enable transformation and growth. We facilitate your personal and organisational development journey, providing support, tools and frameworks to unlock potential and elevate your impact.

We stand at the forefront of societal change, recognising our responsibility to build a better future. It’s no longer ‘business as usual’, which is why we’re empowering our clients to become powerful agents of change, equipping them with skills, mindset and strategies to lead in this complex changing world.


Our Impact

“Stacey was a key enabler of our executive leadership team in transforming the culture. Wearing multiple hats, Stacey facilitated large group workshops, coached our senior leadership team and mentored the broader team. Everybody she worked with raved about the impact she had on them both personally and professionally. She’s an amazing lady who brings her whole self to her work every day. It was a real privilege to work with her – I can’t wait to do it again.”

Chris Green, Head of Strategy and Innovation, Purple Shirt



Founder |  Stacey Davidson

Florescence is the culmination of a lifetime immersed in the world of business and personal growth and transformation.

I’m thankful for my diverse education and experiences, which enable me to draw from various sources of wisdom and inspiration, shaping my unique approach.

My personal journey has heavily influenced my work such as living with a chronic health condition, the influences of inter-generational trauma and neurodiversity. I am deeply connected to my Dutch-Jewish entrepreneurial lineage to which I credit my resilience and entrepreneurial spirit. 

I’m mother to a creative, intelligent and wise teenage daughter, a soul surfer’s wife and the personal assistant to a dog (Alfie) who thinks he’s human and a cat (Willow) who has elevator music playing in her head.

Simple things bring me joy, like great food, nurturing our land and spending time with the people I love.


"I live for those moments when my client has an insight that leads to transformative change - and then watching them translate this new paradigm into reality."

Stacey Davidson — Founder of Florescence Agency