Blog > A pandemic is the perfect time to launch your great idea

A pandemic is the perfect time to launch your great idea

Humanity has experienced a wake up call. We are ready… wide open to new ideas, to doing things differently. Hungry for change.

Throughout history, humankind has prevailed tremendously difficult times – wars, plagues, horrific natural disasters. The pressure and subsequent release creates flux and change, and with these shifts comes opportunity and fertile ground for new beginnings.

Whatever your political views or line of work, no one was immune to the social and economic impacts of Covid 19. For some it’s been an intensely difficult time, and for others it’s revealed tremendous advancements in their kaupapa and flow.

The ‘great resignation’ is a much talked about phenomena. It’s a natural consequence of a reorganising of values, priorities and circumstances that accompanies any kind of global trauma – the pot is swirling, things are moving, a new reality is emerging.

So if you have a sense that It’s Time… time to get started, time to transform, time to play your part in the solution… You’re right. Heed the call and take action. The world needs your secret sauce as we seed the new.

We are here to support your journey – We have the people and the roadmap to help you elevate your impact and play a role in reshaping the future for good.