A new business paradigm is here.

The old marketing model is spiritually and energetically bankrupt – and it’s hard for businesses within that model to recognise a vision and keep it alive. We are not an Agency that repackages old paradigms and we have said goodbye to empty marketing speak. We do things differently to illuminate purpose and pathways forward and get the right action happening.


We live and breathe business renaissance.

The world faces many challenges right now. But we remind ourselves that after The Plague came the Renaissance – a flowering of culture and prosperity that followed the darkest of days. Great art and new science was catalysed by an amazing florescence of thought that came through the people ready to express it and take action: to elevate life.

Now too, we have a world to heal. We entrepreneurs can do our thing and bring amazing new ideas, products and services to humanity. We call forth those ready to make a meaningful difference, and flourish at the same time. This is ‘The Florescence Way.’ It is born from a grounded optimism – and the knowing that doing things differently, and collaborating widely with the like-minded, seeds the new.

Doing business differently is a timely necessity.

Many entrepreneurs and leaders feel this in their bones. The desire to succeed melded with the desire to build organisations that create positive change in the world. Enterprises that lift the vibration of living.

It’s time

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